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Wellness on Amazon

Wellgrade is a featured 5-star Amazon seller offering “1,000,000,0000 MG of natural hemp extract” in a 4-ounce jar. However, with a simple calculation check, we know that 1 billion milligrams convert to 2,204.62 pounds of product. How did they possibly defy the laws of weight and fit more content than its supporting container? Impressive.

We know that instant gratification won’t always leave us with the best afterward feeling. A clear example of this is when one finds themselves drawn in by Amazon’s low cost and next-day delivery of pseudo wellness products.

Frankly, over at Neurogan we are appalled at the poor and inconsistent regulatory methods of Amazon. Its low barrier of entry, or perhaps, crooked partnerships, has allowed polluted snake oil to enter its top-ranking product pages even with its red flag health claims and discrepant formulations.  

Here’s what else we think you should know.