S6 Pro Install

Here some very easy steps to connect your S6 Pro smart watch.

1) Download the App WearFit Pro to your phone.
You can directly find the App on the Google Store or AppStore.
Click here to visit the Android Store
Click here to visit the Apple AppStore

Let's pair your watch with your phone! 😃

2) Connect the watch by creating an account or by login in via your Google Gmail address for a faster access.

3) Open your App on your smartphone and click on "ME"


4) Click on Add Device.

5) Click on the F28 line.

6) You'll see a pop up confirming the pairing! 🤩

7) Check on this part of the App to get another confirmation of the pairing! 🤩


Now, let's set the phone feature!

In the initial state of the watch the bluetooth for calls is turned off. The Call and music features can't not be used.

8) On the watch screen, swipe down to open the call bluetooth feature.

9) Click on the Phone icon to turn on the call feature.


After turning on the call feature on your smart watch, go to the bluetooth panel on your smartphone.

Let's go on the next step!

10) Find the "F28 Call" in the Bluetooth list and click to activate the pairing.

Part 2
In case the time is not matching the time you see on your phone, please change the background face!

Here the easy steps

11) Open the App and click on the watch face market.


12) Select the face you love!


13) Click on Installation

14) Wait until 100% install. Don't close the App or use your watch.

15) It's now installed, enjoy your watch! 🤩


Please align the metal contact of the magnetic charging cable. The charging will automatically starts and the charging will be displayed on the screen.


Watch Instructions 

  1. Split the screen function: Swipe right on the dial page. swipe left to return
  2. Swipe left on the dial page to enter in the smart components. The system presets 3 components. Click add component st the right end to add some of your choices. Up to 5 can be added.
  3. Change the face by pressing 2 sec on the dial page. you can also add custom face via the App. 
  4. double press on the side button to switch between menus and a single press to return to the main menu.
  5. In the menu page, click on any App to enter in the corresponding function. Slide right to return or press the side button to go back to the main page.
  6. Press 2 sec the crown 2 sec to turn off the watch.